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The garage

My roommate wants to turn our garage into a gym. I really couldn't care less, but he's very into this idea right now. Frankly, it's too hot to exercise in there and we have so much crap that we need to store that that it seems impractical. Nevertheless, we're cleaning out the garage as we speak. (I needed a break, so I decided to write this post.) I'm going through old boxes of stuff that I haven't seen since I lived in Santa Barbara. Most of the stuff I'm getting rid of seem to fall into three categories: old clothes, dead electronics, and crap I don't even know why I kept in the first place. Also, I'm getting rid of a lot of stuff my exes bought for me. I had been keeping it for sentimental reasons, but looking back now I really have no attachment to it whatsoever. Don't get me wrong, I still keep pictures and gifts that I actually use, but I'm not holding on to stuff just to hold on to it anymore. The box full of soda tabs with a note attached explaining the inside joke from Sarah -- gone; the black jeans Lauren stole from Nordstroms for me that I no longer fit into -- gone; the weird translucent yellow plastic box Laura once places some presents in for me -- gone.

I'm becoming more and more minimalistic as I'm getting older. Maybe it's getting wiser with age, maybe I'm just tired of lugging all this crap around each time I move. I still get way to emotionally attached to objects, though ... *especially* if someone gave it to me as a gift.

Oh well, guess I should get back to cleaning. Wish me luck. :^)
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