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My friend Pillsbury and I used to do top five / top ten lists all the time. Tonight, in that spirit, I present to you my top 15 comedy sketches you probably have never seen before. So here's the premise: there are lots of famous sketches from different shows. These are sketches (some from famous shows, some from not-so-famous shows) that may not be the funniest ever, but are probably not known by most people and are definitely funny in their own right. Feel free to totally disagree with my rankings. (I tried to find a website for each of the videos. Please don't blame me if they don't work. You can always use the google to find them for yourself.)

Honorable Mention. Vacant Lot - Slept on His Arms

The Vacant Lot is probably not known by most people. It was a CBC show that ran all of 6 episodes starring Paul Greenberg and Mark McKinney's brother. Also, it's theme song was the Sex Pistol's "Pretty Vacant". They did a lot of songs, and this one deserved an honourable mention.


15. Exit 57 - Marriage Counseling

This comes from another short-lived sketch show. Exit 57 was kind of the launching point for Amy Sedaris, Paul Dinello, and Stephen Colbert (who all later did Strangers with Candy). This sketch is great for an all-too-happy-to-be-hairy Amy and a pre-Colbert Report Colbert. :^)


14. Second City Television - Christmas in Leutonia

The most famous SCTV brothers are, of course, Bob and Doug McKenzie, but you mustn't forget the Schmenge brothers! All of their sketches are grand, but this is one of the longer ones and the Christmas theme is just perfect with their sense of humor.


13. Fridays - The infamous Andy Kaufman sketch

Okay, so you may have heard about this sketch, but few people have actually seen it. Did it really happen live unexpectedly? Was it actually planned out in advance? Watch it and decide for yourself. I think the key is in a pre-Seinfeld Michael Richard's performance.


12. Almost Live! - Lame List

Ever wonder where Bill Nye the Science Guy got his start? It was actually on a sketch show from the Northwest called Almost Live! Now, I grant you, this clip is totally mid-90's, but it's still funny (especially if you know any of the people involved). [There's a trio of clips here, but the quintessential one starts @ 0:43.]


11. Ben Stiller Show - Springsteen Counting

Ben Stiller, Janeane Garafalo, Andy Dick, and Bob Odenkirk all in one show; that, my friends, was the short-lived Ben Stiller Show. They had a bunch of great short sketches, but this one for me (growing up so close to Jersey) just gets me every time.


10. In Living Color - The Wrath of Farrakhan

In Living Color had so many great sketches, but this one many people forget. It has Jim Carrey's overacting and Damon Wayans' perfect timing. Plus, didn't we all want to see Lt. Uhura finally give it to Capt. Kirk?!


09. The State - Monkey Torture

Yes, yes, we all love "240 Dollars Worth of Pudding". We all know the line, "I wanna dip my BALLS in it!" The State, however, did have some cerebral sketches as well. The play between Michael Ian Black's jerk-scientist and Thomas Lennon's smug-host is priceless.


08. Saturday Night Live - Colon Blow

There were so many good "forgotten" SNL clips to choose from, but this has Phil Hartman and a cereal called "Colon Blow. Enjoy.


07. Upright Citizens Brigade - Pennies

I only ever saw this sketch once on TV but it haunts me to this very day. Before you watch this sketch, go grab all the pennies in your house and kiss them goodbye. You'll never see them the same way again.


06. Chappelle's Show - Player Haters' Ball

Okay, Chappelle's Show has to be the funniest sketch show of the new century. There are so many good sketches, but for some reason this one gets overlooked. Two things get me every time: the appearance of Ice-T and the Rosie O'Donnell joke.


05. Wonder Showzen - Beat Kids (horsetrack)

Ever wonder what Sesame Street might look like in evil hands? I present to you Wonder Showzen. This is one of their kid street reporters, Trevor, at the racetrack interviewing people. Sounds straightforward enough, right? Wrong. (Make sure to wait for Trevor's impersonation of the old guy.) [This sketch starts @ 3:25.]


04. Monty Python - Fish Slapping Dance

There are so many Monty Python sketches that everyone knows by heart. This is a 15 second sketch that most people may not know and basically gets to the heart of what made their comedy funny.


03. Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! - Child Clown Outlet

If you have never seen this 15 minute show on Cartoon Network, all I can say is weirdness abounds. Just google "Dr. Steve Brule". Here, the cuteness of kids is trumped by the evilness of clowns.


02. Mr. Show - Bob Lamonta Story

I don't want to ruin this one for you. All I can say is I still love saying, "They gave me some beer and some frozen peas."


01. Kids in the Hall - Screw You, Taxpayer

This might be my favorite sketch ever. This is like Ibsen's "A Doll's House": at first it just seems bad, and then suddenly it takes a turn and everything makes total sense. Most of all, don't we all agree with Scott Thompson's sentiment?! ;^)


So, there it is, my top 15 funniest underseen sketches. I hope you enjoyed them. :^)
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