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Two quick notes

One: I had jury duty yesterday. I had to get up early and drive all the way downtown ... and then wait in a big room for over 9 hours. It was like waiting for a plane that never arrived. There must be a better way to do this. Moreover, if I was ever put on trial, I don't know that I'd consider most of those people my "peers". (Sorry if that seems dickish. I just needed to vent.) Oh yeah, parking cost me $22 also.

Two: It's way to friggin' hot here right now. When it gets hot like this, I get headachy and grumpy. (This should explain some of the miserableness of this posting.) It's currently 9:30 at night and the temperature here is almost 90. It totally messes with my sleep cycles. It's supposed to be worse the next two days.

There's my bitching for the evening. I hope you enjoyed it. :^)
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