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Last posting at this age

My birthday is tomorrow (Monday) and I sent out an e-mail to my local friends to see if people wanted to do anything last weekend. As usual, my friends all crapped out (except Victoria, who said to let her know if anything was going on). Even my roommates couldn't do anything then. (Corinne had just returned from NYC the day before and had a flight to Pittsburgh the next day at 6 AM.) So, on Saturday at 9PM I'm watching TV by myself and all of a sudden I get a text from one of our project's student assistants. She invites me to a club downtown. (For the record, it was her boyfriend's sister's boyfriend's birthday.) After she twisted my wrist a bit, I got dressed quickly and headed downtown. Man, it had been a while since I was out and about like that. I actually ended up having a pretty good time, even though I only knew two people there and everyone was 10 years younger than me. Apart from paying $16 to park, I have no complaints about the night. I realize now that I need to find more friends who actually like going out every now and then. (Not all the time, mind you, but at least once in a while.) Also, I realized I can still hang with the young kids. ;^)
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