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Study 2 Pilot

Tomorrow I am (finally) piloting my Study 2. Luckily, Study 2 is a small study. I'm going to have 10-12 teachers in to do a few tasks. Tomorrow, however, I'm doing a dry run with some of my former master's students. I have everything printed out and all the food ready to go. (My former students were kind enough to do this for me in exchange for a meal.) Here's hoping all goes well.

Also, Mother's Day is Sunday. BMM's card is in the mail and her cookies will be sent out tomorrow.

It's been hot around here, but it's the dryness that is killing me. My nose is all bloody and I'm a walking static electricity machine who is constantly zapping myself. It seems like it's cooler tonight, though.

I guess that's all for now.

... Oh yeah, bin Laden's dead. :^)
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